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Zink Studios is a fully registered body piercing and tattoo studio situated in Canterbury; only 10 minutes from Canterbury East rail station and 15 minute from Canterbury East rail station.

At Zink Studios we have over 20 years of experience in body piercing with male and female piercers available.
We have drop-in slots throughout out the day for piercings. 
For a tattoo it is best to call or facebook us to book this allows the artist to design your tattoo.


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Sophie Medeiros

Manager and Piercer

I have been a body piercer at The Belly Bar and Zink Studios since March 2019. I've absolutely loved being part of The Belly Bar team. We are a lovely group of hard-working people who have such a kind and caring nature. I LOVE all ear work, my favourite piercing to do is a Conch. I love making people feel happy so working somewhere I can be part of making someone feel a positive change towards how they feel about themselves is a beautiful thing. 


Jasmine Raman

Manager, Tattooist and Senior Piercer

Hey! I'm Jaz, I've worked at The Belly Bar and Zink Studios as a body piercer for a few years now and I love it. One of my favourite things is working with people to create a piercing that suits their unique style- there's something for everyone. It brings me so much joy seeing the look on people's faces when they see the piercing they've wanted for so long. I'm also so lucky to work with such amazing and supportive people.


Lily Hall 

Senior Piercer

Hi, I’m Lily, I’m a piercer at the Belly Bar and Zink studios. I have been piercing here since March 2019 and I’ve loved every second!

My favourite piercings are Conch’s, Rooks and Microdermal's!



Lily Garrard

Senior Piercer and Cosmetic Tattooist

Hi, I’m Lily, I have been part of The Belly Bar and Zink Studios team since 2020. I'm a piercer and cosmetic tattooist! My favourite piercing's are Microdermals!  


Amy Holman

Customer Service

Hello! I’m Amy and my main job role is customer service at the Belly Bar and Zink studios. I have been part of the team since May 2021. I enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces and entertaining the customers whilst they wait for their piercing. Come and see us if you want us to add some sparkle to your day because this place is “better than spoons”

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Chamonix Robinson


Hi there I'm Chamonix, a professional piercer at The Belly Bar and Zink Studios and I started working here in March 2022. Firstly, I love all the people i work with, everyone has such amazing energy and works really hard. It's amazing meeting so many different kinds of people and fulfilling their piercing dreams. My favourite piercings to do so far are nipples, microdermals and outer conch's!


Tam Coasby


Hi I'm Tam, I have been working here since early 2022. In my spare time I enjoy creating pottery and clothing! My favourite piercings are Conch's.


Faye Meanley


Hi, I'm Faye. I started working here in early 2022. I've thoroughly enjoyed every second of working with the team. My favourite piercings to do are Rook's and Nipples. I especially love giving customers their first piercing's, seeing how happy it makes them when their vision comes to life! @piercingsbyfaye


Clare Griffin


Hi, I’m Clare, I love working here, the people I work with give off amazing vibes! My favourite piercings to do are noses and nipples. My phrase “I’ll mark it till it’s perfect” @griffin.piercing

jess website pic.jpg

Jessica Hannen


Hey, I have been working at The Belly Bar and Zink Studios since august 2020, and have loved every second!! I adore working here with an amazing team of people who are all fantastic at what they do. My favourite piercings to do would probably have to be Outer Conch's! @piercedbyjess.h


Freya Wells-Furby

Customer Service

Hi I’m Freya, I’ve been working at Belly Bar Canterbury and Zink studios since September 2022. I’m currently training to pierce and I’m loving every minute of it! I’m in my last year of school studying biology, chemistry and English.

Shannon Roberts

Customer Service

Hi, I’m Shannon, I joined the Zink Studios and Belly Bar team in November 2022. Being a body piercer has been a dream of mine since I was 14! I finally went for it and here I am! I am super friendly and love talking to new people. Can’t wait to make your piercing dreams come true!

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